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Khaila. 17. South Carolina. Twitter: @_CallMeKhai. Senior, C/0 '14.
To ∞...and beyond.
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Adele: One and Only | Vogue 
“Adele is not rock-’n’-roll. She is not self-consciously retro. She does not shimmy or shake. Hers is a plant-the-feet-and-belt delivery that has all but disappeared from the pop landscape. It should be deeply uncool. And yet, there is something startlingly refreshing about her youthful elegance and commanding presence—especially because she is a 23-year-old Cockney girl from Tottenham.”

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this is badass okay
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OHMIGOD. Shoes. 
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André 3000 by Jason Thrasher   
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when will my reflection show who i am inside

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